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Ralph is an insightful second-generation Tarot reader with 30-years experience. He's also the founder of the Psychic Brunch.

As a psychic, Ralph has appeared in the National Post, CityTV, CTV News, and more. Click here to read a BlogTO review. Click here to hear Ralph's philosophy in an interview on ONE Network.

Ralph previously wrote the daily horoscope in 24 Hours (500,000 circulation), and has read for several celebrities such as Sinead O'Connor and award-winning comedian Carla Collins.

Specializing in career paths and all matters of the heart, Ralph has helped hundreds of satisfied clients find clarity and hope. He also offers accurate predictions.

Ralph has 20+ years experience as a facilitator and is an award-winning professor at George Brown College (where he currently teaches public speaking).

Ralph has used his psychic gifts to guide his own career. He’s a gold-certified songwriter and a Galaxi Award-winning TV producer.


No long-term commitments are required. Sign up at any time (no start date).

Up to 15 guests will be seated (banquet style) in the private party room of Cranberries Restaurant.


  • Before class, please choose the food and beverages you'll be ordering from Cranberries' Menu. The waiter will take your beverage order at 6:30pm and your food order at 7:30pm. Please use your $5 Meal Voucher towards any food item on their menu.

  • 6:30pm to 6:40pm - INTRODUCTIONS

  • 6:40pm to 7:00pm - CREATE YOUR OWN TAROT CARDS
    The Facilitator will discuss a different Tarot card each week. From there, participants will use this information to write words and/or draw images on a (provided) blank Tarot card. This exercise will allow you to eventually create your own Tarot deck. You'll only have 15-minutes of class time for this drawing, but feel free to complete your artwork at home if you need additional time. Please note: this is not an art class, and simplistic etchings can carry significant power and meaning. Please come to class with a black, ultra fine point, permanent, Sharpie marker for this exercise (availabile at most Dollarama stores).

  • 7:00pm to 7:30pm - THREE-CARD PREP & DEMO
    On your Tarot Worksheet, write your four questions for the Tarot. It's best if all four questions relate to the same issue. From there, you'll shuffle your cards, fan them, and randomly pull three cards as you focus on each question. Please make note of these cards on your Tarot Worksheet.

    Once the prep is done, the Facilitator will demonstrate a three-card reading.

  • 7:30pm to 8:00pm - SELF-READING
    By now, your four questions and the 12 cards you pulled have been written on your Tarot Worksheet. Next, you'll use the Cheat Sheet (page 1 of your Starter Kit) to write interpretations for these 12 cards. From there, you'll spend a couple of minutes trying to make sense of each three-card spread. Please write your insights on your Tarot Worksheet.

  • 8:00pm to 9:00pm - SHARED INSIGHTS

    Please bring your completed Tarot Worksheet to the Facilitator. He'll use this to give insights on one of your questions. Each participant will get 5-minutes with the Facilitator.

    While waiting for your session with the Facilitator, ask the guests (closest to you) for additional insights on the cards you pulled.

  • After dinner, feel free to join us for a beverage and continue socializing.