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Ralph is an insightful second-generation Tarot reader with 30-years experience. He's also the founder of the Psychic Brunch.

As a psychic, Ralph has appeared in the National Post, CityTV, CTV News, and more. Click here to read a BlogTO review. Click here to hear Ralph's philosophy in an interview on ONE Network.

Ralph previously wrote the daily horoscope in 24 Hours (500,000 circulation), and has read for several celebrities such as Sinead O'Connor and award-winning comedian Carla Collins.

Specializing in career paths and all matters of the heart, Ralph has helped hundreds of satisfied clients find clarity and hope. He also offers accurate predictions.

Ralph has 20+ years experience as a facilitator and is an award-winning professor at George Brown College (where he currently teaches public speaking).

Ralph has used his psychic gifts to guide his own career. He’s a gold-certified songwriter and a Galaxi Award-winning TV producer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I fall behind if I only come to two classes per month?
    Not at all! Tarot 101 is a hands on course -- so there's no "curriculum" or start date. You get to choose how many classes you wish to attend.
  • Is Cranberries wheelchair accessible?
    Yes! If you use a wheelchair, however, please email us before each class so we can accommodate you. Guests using wheelchairs will be seated next to the emergency exit.
  • Are LGBT folks welcome at Tarot 101?
    Tarot 101 is a VERY LGBT-friendly space!
  • Why did you create this group?
    Many of us lead fulfilling and busy lives, but struggle to find healthy and meaningful ways to connect with others. Because we offer a learning, sharing and dining experience at each class, Tarot 101 is a unique way to soak up some great vibes and connect with authentic people and learn a fun new skill.
  • I'm not very psychic. Is that OK?
    You're probably more psychic than you think, and this is a great way to explore this part of yourself! Tarot 101 welcomes people at all levels of psychic ability. So please don't put any pressure on yourself.
  • Can I bring my Tarot cards to a class?
    Tarot cards will be provided, but feel free to bring your own!
  • Does Cranberries Restaurant have many vegetarian options?
    Many menu items can be made without meat. Also, Cranberries offers a few delicious vegetarian pasta dishes, as well as salads, vegetarian nachos, fries, etc.
  • Does Cranberries Restaurant have any vegan options?
    Cranberries' Menu has a few vegan side dishes (salad, rice, sweet potato fries, and steamed veggies).
  • Do I have to order food at each class?
    Dining is an important part of the Tarot 101 experience. Also, Cranberries is generously letting us use their party room for free with the understanding that guests will dine. To encourage this, each guest will receive a $5 Meal Voucher which you can use towards any food item on Cranberries' Menu.
  • I'm kinda shy. Are your members friendly?
    Yes!!! Ralph has 20-years experience as a facilitator and he also teaches public speaking at George Brown College -- so he's an expert with shy people. Also, our group's etiquette is there to make everyone feel respected and safe. Finally, Ralph is from Newfoundland, as are most of the wait staff at Cranberries -- so you're in very friendly hands!
  • I'm under the age of 18. Can I still attend Tarot 101?
    If you're under the age of 18, you must attend with a parent or guardian. Given the nature of our classs, we cannot accommodate any guests under the age of 15.