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Ralph is an insightful second-generation Tarot reader with 30-years experience. He's also the founder of the Psychic Brunch.

As a psychic, Ralph has appeared in the National Post, CityTV, CTV News, and more. Click here to read a BlogTO review. Click here to hear Ralph's philosophy in an interview on ONE Network.

Ralph previously wrote the daily horoscope in 24 Hours (500,000 circulation), and has read for several celebrities such as Sinead O'Connor and award-winning comedian Carla Collins.

Specializing in career paths and all matters of the heart, Ralph has helped hundreds of satisfied clients find clarity and hope. He also offers accurate predictions.

Ralph has 20+ years experience as a facilitator and is an award-winning professor at George Brown College (where he currently teaches public speaking).

Ralph has used his psychic gifts to guide his own career. He’s a gold-certified songwriter and a Galaxi Award-winning TV producer.


  • Please tip the wait staff at Cranberries Restaurant.

  • Dining is an important part of the Tarot 101 experience. If you come to a class, you''ll be expected to order food. Cranberries' menu is very affordable. Plus, you'll get a $5 Meal Voucher to offset this cost.

  • Meal Vouchers only apply to food items -- not beverages or alcohol.

  • Please do not bring outside food or beverages to Cranberries Restaurant.

  • Please wash and dry your hands before using the Tarot cards provided.

  • Anything said at a Tarot 101 class must remain confidential.

  • Please turn off your cell phone during class.

  • Please arrive on time for class.

  • Please do not come to a class without a reservation.

  • Please don't take too long when pulling cards. Please trust that the right cards will come.

  • If you're dealing with a deeply tramatic life experience (such as a recent death in the family, assault, or child abuse), we respectfully suggest you find a therapist and not bring these issues to Tarot 101.

  • If you have insights/advice for another guest, always ask permission before sharing this.

  • When sharing insights, please be gentle.

  • Please do not share frightening insights (car accidents, infertility, illness) or offer medical or legal advice.

  • If a member disagrees with an insight you share. Do not push the subject.

  • During the group exercise, please do not share insights that are sexual or otherwise potentially embarassing.

  • When receiving insights, always thank the other person -- even if they hit a painful nerve (which is a sign they're on to something).

  • You will be asked to leave if you make judgemental comments about another guest's spiritual/religious beliefs, body type, race, culture, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or lifestyle choices.

  • If you book a telephone reading, you'll forfeit this if you're not available when Ralph calls.

  • During the Tarot Exercise, feel free to keep your question(s) private if they're too personal to share.

  • Please don't monopolize the Facilitator's time. If you need a lengthier reading, please book a private session.

  • Tarot 101 welcomes members of all spiritual and religious paths. Please be respectful of differing views.