We only hire psychics who are accurate, professional, and dedicated to helping others.

The Psychic Brunch has been featured on CityTV, CTV News, 24 Hours and more.

97% customer satisfaction based on anonymous feedback.

Our event has been running since August, 2003.

For $40, you'll receive two insightful 15-minute readings (which you can share with a friend or use for yourself) plus a $5 Meal Voucher which can be used towards any menu item that day.

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Meet the Psychic Brunch team!

AMANI - Tarot Reader
A second-generation Tarot reader, Amani comes from a family with a long spiritual tradition. Her insightful readings bring guidance, clarity, and hope to any situation. She is open, non-judgmental, and truly gifted. She also conducts Tarot workshops and has a university degree in Celtic Studies. She’s studied other ancient spiritual traditions, giving her a deeper understanding of the Tarot and its applications in life..

INDIGO - Clairvoyance, Tarot, & Numerology
Indigo was born with the gift of clairvoyance and guidance. Using tarot, numerology, and clairvoyance, she has been astonishing clients for years with her intuitive skills and predictions. As a workshop facilitator for psychic arts, and an explorer for esoteric studies, Indigo is sure to deliver an informative reading that will connect you with heart and soul, uncovering your subconscious mind.

KAIA JAI - Tarot, Palmistry & Spiritual Coach
Kaia Jai is a powerful psychic and spiritual healer with 12 years experience. A session with Kaia Jai will give you a practical way to remove energy blocks so you may live a more aware, deliberate, and purposeful life. Academically trained in the Health Sciences, Kaia continued her studies at a spiritual university where she harmonized these "opposing" schools of thought. A vessel for spiritual illumination, Kaia's life purpose is to enlighten and empower her clients.

MARLANA - Card Readings, Mediumship & Psychometry
For 28 years Marlana has served a vast clientele as a psychic entertainer in private consultations, parties and appearances in radio and television.

RALPH - Transformative Tarot Readings
Ralph is a profoundly insightful second-generation tarot reader, & founder of the Psychic Brunch. For two years, he co-wrote the daily horoscope in 24 Hours. He’s also done several celebrity readings. Specializing in career paths & all matters of the heart, Ralph can gently unravel any problem & help you mould a happier reality. Accurate predictions. Ralph has used his gifts to guide his own career. He’s a professor, songwriter (with two #1 iTunes hits & a Gold record), & a Galaxi Award-winning TV producer.

SAGE - Psychic Intuitive / Medium
Sage is a gifted psychic of Ojibwa and Irish heritage. He’s dedicated his life to gathering knowledge and sacred experiences in the Celtic and Indigenous healing arts. He's traveled the the world, receiving one-on-one Indigenous teachings from the greatest spiritual advisers of our generation. He’s also mastered healing arts within the Celtic traditions as a Seer / Diviner in the use of water. As a Psychic, Seer and Intuitive, Sage brings insightful and compassionate readings.

JEFF -- Psychic Brunch Scheduler